Frangos Architecture & Design


William Frangos specializes in single-family homes, additions, and renovations.  The single-family houses combine his design skill with the wants and needs of the client to ensure satisfaction for both parties.  For additions and renovations, William Frangos either integrates new construction with the original building or creates a unique and attractive contrast that synthesizes the old and the new construction. Many of his designs include ways to reduce heating/cooling and energy costs, incorporate abundant natural light, and instill the design with inspiration and meaning.

His designs take the building site, context, and view into account.  This way the house is appealing on many levels to the owners and community. The house or addition is built to integrate with and add interest to the community.  The house itself is usually built with conservation and health in mind.  William Frangos follows LEED-H and Energy Star protocol as often as possible to make the interior and exterior a healthy and enjoyable environment for the owners and their guests.